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3 definitions by Jsuave

The highest level of 'chillin.' Also known as MFC for short.
What's up?

Oh, I'm just monsta fuckin chillinz right now.
by Jsuave August 23, 2003
37 8
any animal containing no more and no less than one horn (lat) cornea, and two wings (lat) pinna; pertaining to but not limited to horses
Nora, how magestic was that new pegacornias we brought to our island?
by jsuave October 09, 2012
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MFC stands for 'Monster Fucking Chillinz.'

The term is only used when someone is at the highest level of 'chillin.'
'Yo dude, I'm so MFC right now.'

'I really need to MFC right now.'
by Jsuave August 23, 2003
37 75