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Definition: supervillain, a killa who love children, one who is well skilled in destruction as well as building
known as the grimey, limey, slimy try me blimey simply smashing in a fashion thats timely
by bringoutthegimp June 04, 2004
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Probably one of the most talented rappers out there right now. Most of his work, especially with Madlib, is absolutely incredible. If you love music, please check this guy out.
Madvillainy was mind-blowing.
by Figaro February 28, 2005
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Is Viktor Vaughn, is Zev Love X, is one hell of a rapper. Metal Face Doom Started out in KMD with his brother deejaying. Zev was a very promising and hip rapper at the time well on his way to stardom, but when his brother died he never quite recovered.

This important moment in his life marked a dramatic change in Zev's style. Since then he has been a very notable member of the underground and has recently started to climb up the popularity ladder. Hisslow and steady flow coupled with his masterful lyric writing make him an original and fresh rapper in the game today. I'd even go as far as saying that his brothers death is what makes MF Doom such an interesting and unforgettable fellow. His Work with MadLib and Gorillaz is quite excellent. Also check out his many collaboration with folks from def jux and Stones Throw.
Listen to MF Doom rap in KMD'S Peachfuzz, then listen to some of his more recent work.
by mrpopenfresh August 26, 2005
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DOOM, the Metal Fingered Villain. Also known as King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, and Zev Love X. He has worked with many other artists, such as Madlib to create Madvillain, and with Dangermouse to create Dangerdoom. MF Doom was also in the rap groups Monster Island Czars and KMD. His first solo album was Operation: Doomsday, which is now very rare do to a copyright issue. MF DOOM is famous for his lyrical skills, and his premium instrumentals, called "Special Herbs and Spices." He is still active, and has just released a single for Madvillain, called Monkey Suite.
oh my achin hands
from rakin in grands
and breakin in mic stands
-mf doom
by mikeazorin October 29, 2006
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"Metal Face Doom" on the mic, "Metal Fingers Doom" on the boards, Zen Love X...member of KMD with Onyx The Birthstone Kid and Subroc (R.I.P)

he's Super-muthafuckin' Villain, love.
He hold the mic like niggas hold they girl tight, but he ain't after her, prolly a Acura, pearl white...
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
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Given the name by his friend MF Grimm, Daniel Dumile got this persona Metal Face Doom after Dr. Doom (Marvel comics villian). Formerly Zev Love X, MF Doom is his most prolific stage name in which he collaborates with heavy hitters such as the RZA, Danger Mouse, Ghostface, Cee-Lo, Talib Kweli, and many others. Other persona which sprouted from Dr. Doom include Viktor Vaughn (Dr. Doom's real name is Victor Von Doom), and King Geedorah (Dr. Doom's greatest weapon, a space monster GEEDORAH).
MF Doom - "All he had upstairs was a crude light, you think that's weird he lives next door to a food fight."
by King Geedorah February 23, 2008
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Generic underground rapper whose music is characterized by monotone, talking and no flowing skills. He raps over horrible beats and uses (a rhyming dictionary) to write his lyrics. Tries to be smart with stupid similes and metaphors but totally sucks ass. His fanbase consists of suburban white kids who overhype him on internet forums.

The theory on these suburban white kids is that they are trying to gain some sort of street cred by listening to underground rap music. Since the internet is dominated by rocker white kids who disregard rap as music, the rap-liking white kids use the argument that since his lyrics are so complex and abstract, that his music is good.

Known amongst hoes for the bang-bang
Known amongst foes for flow with no talking orangutangs
Only gin and Tang
Guzzled out a rusty tin can
Me and this mic is like yin and yang

Kevin totally MF Doomed that poem for english class!
by Chris Browns May 27, 2006
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