An office based environment designed to suck all the life and ambition out of you.Where your only sancuary is the toilets where you only have 5 mins before the lights go off and it becomes a game of blind mans wipe and washing your hands under the taps can result in 3rd degree burns.keyers are under paid and food from the vending machines require a morgage.The mdec is rife with infected keyboards and an arsonist working in the canteen(if the poison dont get you the burnt salad will).If for some reason a keyer is unable to attend a WTL session(aka nap time) it does require a note from your mum.Rife with thieves (aka romec)6 guys,6 weeks,6 grand to change a light bulb.Word of warning you will be told to move seats at some point if you talk to much,talk to little,yawn,scatch your nose or any part of your face,get below 98%,turn your head,adjust your seat,blink or do anything of this nature.As well as offering a wide choice of working hours including part-time, this shift is also offered out to the lift,which seems to work less hours than anyone.Generous parking facitilies are offered to employees and this does double up as a employee swimming pool after a brief spell of rain.To Sum up a great place to work!!
by shift manager March 18, 2010
Top Definition
One of several centres of severe embarrassment to Royal Mail, employing teenagers and women to manually input address data that the very expensive mail sorting machine can't read. For the risk of running carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury a small annual pittance is renumerated to these fortunates; with added benefits of no recognition, no reward and promotion only by bed hopping with unattractive male managers. If you would like the word DOORMAT tattooed on your head, then working at the MDEC would be an ideal employment opportunity for you.
This town is a shit hole, the only job I can find is at the MDEC.
by BastardManifesto January 22, 2004
Manual Data Entry Centre. Royal Mail's idea of legalised slavery, paying sub-standard wages for a job that is no longer what was stated in the employees contract. Run by suit wearing gibbons, and run by the evil overlord, "two jags" peter "erm erm erm, i dont know anything" fenton.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
Manual Data Entry Centre. A massive office containing 500 data entry keyers, all keying addresses for the Royal Mail, enduring sub-standard wages/working conditions. Features include managers that walk around/watch everyone else work and seem to serve no purpose except to get paid a lot and do f*** all.
I can't believe i'm still working in the MDEC 1 year later, anyone would have thought i'd have a *proper* job by now.
by lois_bitch_from_hell September 08, 2003
Hell on earth
the only thing I got out of this place was the drive to work for myself for the rest of my life.
A hellhole data entry centre that is populated by teenagers and useless managers, paid nearly twice as much as the people they make do all their work.
by peter 'we'll look into it' fenton January 15, 2004
A place featuring the suffering of hell mixed with the mindless tedium of purgatory.
The minnions (or WGMs) are gernally fat greasy males or attractive young blondes who have bedded the fat greasy males, who patrol the area, strutting around looking important, and making sure that the mortals (or Keyers) keep looking at their screens at all times.

Common phrases often heard at MDEC are:
"You should be back keying by now" (meaning "you are 15 seconds late back from break and I'm trying to impose my authority. My God I'm so important.")

"Would you like to see your seeds?" ("You dared to make a mistake last week and I'm going to mull over it with you")

"Sick absence is still too high" ("We make you book your annual leave 18 months in advance and now you tell us you need a day off?")

"I quit" ("I quit")

The average "life-span" (the time it takes for a keyer to become so desparately bored with the job that they run out crying) is 18 months.
You don't want to work at the MDEC.
by mortal April 17, 2007
The place where Plymouth working class and university
graduates meet !
Data entry for mail that Royal Mail sorting machines are unable to read !
Graduates graveyard !
You couldn't really make this up ,most the the managers until recently are only educated to college level.They are asked to oversee teams of around 60 staff who consist of the lower working class and university graduates some even postgraduates.

These manager have been mainly been promoted internally on the basis of how fast they are able to key (data entry ) and who's ass they have been willing to kiss whilst doing so.Most of these managers would not be able to function outside the Mdec they would be eaten alive in the private sector.
They will bully every bit of sence out of you until you become just like them.

There are so many international students mainly Msc Asians/African hanging on to Mdec jobs just so they can satisfy the Home Office "skill workers visa system" its scary.I can just see these guys at an interview in three years time !

Question.You have applied for a job as IT techician ? what have you been doing for the last three years ? Answer " oh i was working in Royal Mail doing data entry " !!!!! Reply . Next !

If your reading this and thinking yeah just finished university i'll work in the Mdec for six months don't do it ,your'll wake up 5 or 6 years later your brain turned to mush ,and any prospect or geting a real job well and truely over.
by Tamrin bay November 27, 2010
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