Abbreviation for Meat Cock Sandwhich
so glad that i didnt have any of that mcs when i was locked up.
by nipperville December 19, 2012
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Motion City Soundtrack, a uprising punk rock band.
MCS was tight at Warped this year
by Sidewalks August 07, 2006
Monthly Collectables, taken from
I just got the new mc's, they're so cool!
by animeprincess_9387 August 06, 2008
Acronym for Miserable Cunt Syndrome. Also see Miserable Cunt.
Man, Vicky is such a bitch. She doesn't have any friends, is super annoying and always complaining. She suffers from MCS.
by Dodgers_10 August 09, 2011
Technically MCS...
MCS, or my confined space: a photo blog and community
by janits December 12, 2009
Moral Coward Society - people in Q&A sites that say somthing rude, negative or derogatory but then don't supply contact info to receive a rebuttal/counter-answers
You're obviously a fully fledged member of the MCS - you haven't supplied any contact info!
by S. P. Highfield January 01, 2008

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