master of ceremonies. someone who directs a complicated situation
I'm the MC in this piece
by inequitable November 09, 2002
Master and Commander term used for the president of the united states
Bush is the MC of america
by jazzy fey January 04, 2005
prefix for anything degraded in quality, as to that of mcdonalds.
"dude, that show was mc-awesome."
"i know really sucked."

"mc-word y'all."
by N-word Phil May 29, 2007
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Whether you are in a cutty, a MC, or a Regal, you gangsta pimp.
by Yaboyace July 21, 2005
Microphone Comentator - better alternative to Mic Controller
MC Shabba
by Robadob April 16, 2004
A prefix to any word that is commonly followed up with by words such as "Mac, Munch, and, Micslaven"
by Cimdolph April 30, 2003
Master cock sucker, a code for a female who gives the most amazing, mind blowing head while tickling your balls until the male full on explodes in her mouth and swallows the lot!
Man that was some quality M.C.S last night bitch!
Hey handsome, you want some M.C.S tonight?
by Flanman September 17, 2007

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