Abbreviation for "multiple-choice"
"How'd you do on the AP Stats test?"
"Oh, I pwned the MC, but the FR sucked balls..."
by a is a April 30, 2006
Microphone Champion.
Wielding verbs and nouns, the MC entered the arena, looking to all those about him a lyrical assassin.
by Justin E. White June 03, 2007
true G fae d hood, makin it big in scotland, also hates the AWC!!!!
"mc is the king of scotland"
by boywonder April 22, 2005
mc(emcee)is defined as morally creative.
mc stands for morally creative
by lil kulit January 10, 2005
see the example below
"are you the MC tonight?"
"yup... M...C deez nuts!"
by boom boom b August 09, 2004
sweetass soccer goalie and hockey player as well as beast laxer. is also so hot and looks damn good in her plaid
--wow, do you see that girl over there?
--yeah, shes hot- it must be mc
by mmmm August 26, 2004
Acting like a 'Mong Child'. When some one you know keeps on getting stoned/wasted!!

Like my big bro jay!
Stop being such a MC and get up out of bed.

Look at her! She's a right MC today!
by mike watson October 20, 2006

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