Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Whether you are in a cutty, a MC, or a Regal, you gangsta pimp.
by Yaboyace July 21, 2005
true G fae d hood, makin it big in scotland, also hates the AWC!!!!
"mc is the king of scotland"
by boywonder April 22, 2005
A prefix to any word that is commonly followed up with by words such as "Mac, Munch, and, Micslaven"
by Cimdolph April 30, 2003
Microphone Champion.
Wielding verbs and nouns, the MC entered the arena, looking to all those about him a lyrical assassin.
by Justin E. White June 03, 2007
mc(emcee)is defined as morally creative.
mc stands for morally creative
by lil kulit January 10, 2005
see the example below
"are you the MC tonight?"
"yup... M...C deez nuts!"
by boom boom b August 09, 2004
Malden Catholic: A somewhat small Catholic high school located in Malden, Massachusetts. Ranked as the best high school in America in 1999, dedicated teachers and administrators help foster the Xaverian community of the school. A result of same-sex education, a sense of brotherhood develops among students through their high school experience.

If you do not like lacrosse, are a minority, believe that religious teachings should not spill over into intellectual studies, do not go to Mass everyday, like good food, like girls, are secure in your ethnicity and have common sense (or humility for that matter), don't come here.

Otherwise, partake in our wonderful rugby program where your failing grades and soul get washed away! Thanks Macca!
Why are there no stairs at MC?

Because fairies can fly! Or more accurately, because grade inflation lifts their heads higher!
by Silent Dogood August 19, 2006
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