the prefix mc created by "teamy mcdreamy"™. Can be added infront of anyword.
That is mcawesome
Time to hit the mcparty
by haiki October 12, 2007
Another term for head, brains, blowjob, etc.
Brotha #1- So what happened with Tasha last got The MC?

Brotha #2- Yeah, i made her roc the mic!

Brotha #1-DAMN HOMEY!
by Swift Wondah October 06, 2003
Math & Computer Building at UW
Where are you going?
To the MC!
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
an MC is a hip hop rhymer. RAPPERS ARE NOT MC'S. MC's are from the Hip Hop Genre, Which is completely different than Rap. Rappers rhyme about gold jewelry, loose women, and gang-banging on machine-produced beats. MC's rhyme about real life, everday life, on beats produced by DJ's. an MC(master of ceremones or Mic Controller) is the main man of the hip hop show/album
Zion is an MC. TU is an MC. Mos Def and Kweli are MC's. Murs is an MC.

E-40 is NOT an MC, he is a rapper. Chingy is not an MC. G-Unit ARE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITES OF MC'S. Those last 3 are Rappers. Rap is a completely different artform than hip hop.
by havolution October 29, 2006
abreviation for Massive Cock
ha! he likes the MC!
by NO March 06, 2003
End-game max lvl 40man raid instance in World of Warcraft called Molten Core.
All right guys! Lets do MC tonight!
by Lillemartin March 30, 2006
mac crew
me n my boys roll with the mc
by peter May 05, 2003
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