Massak Allah Bel5air

A term coined by a group of crazy engineers.
A: Hey man, I need to tell you something important.
B: What is it?
A:... MAB!
by Mr. H33 January 25, 2010
Name of up-and-coming MC, M.A.B. Acronym for his name, M.A.B. also represents the common abbreviations of popular go-go bands in the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area where M.A.B. is from.
"Its M.A.B. Nigga!" M.A.B.'s popular ad-lib (
by Ear of The Streets March 18, 2013
Mabs are a "pre Moob" condition, or pre man boobs. Mabs are the flabby breast tissue flesh just before the transition to moobs.

Some men have fatty breast tissue. Although more common to men who are a tad overweight, Mabs or Moobs can happen to any man, even slender and physically fit men.
Jeff was running and his mabs were jiggling.

Whenever George wears just a T Shirt, it is very apparent that he has mabs.
by Whistle Berries July 13, 2011
Mangy-Ass Bastard. This utterance is used when one comes across a person who is mangy, ass, and a bastard. It's shortened to MAB to keep those out of the loop... well, out of the loop.
Nick: How could you associate with that Mangy-Ass Bastard?
Tina: I don't know, cause I'm a retart?
Joe: Tina, you're not a retart for knowing a MAB. Everyone knows a couple.
by Joe Sabs March 16, 2007
Something ressembleling a shower.
A Funny Thing.
Marilyne has some MAB rap !
She reminds me of a MAB !
by Melliee October 05, 2007
Middle Age Butt. A phenomenon in which a woman's ass explodes in size dramatically, over a short period of time. This specific type of enlarged butt can be identified as being much longer vertically than it is wide. Commonly found strapped into dime store-caliber jeans such as Riders, with the waist pulled up high above the belly button. Seen from the profile angle, MAB will not curve out sexily like a badunkadunk, it will lay flat and tall along the back. Also known as mom-butt and mom jeans. It should be noted that the wearing of mom jeans can also be the sole cause of front butt (a butt in the front, below the belly button.)
Damn that lady has some serious frikkin' MAB!
by Larry The Bus Driver August 30, 2006
The act of stimulating oneself sexually to the point of orgasm.
Short for: Masturbate
ugh, damn that chick is hot. be right back, guys, i gotta go mab.
by Reln July 14, 2003

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