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Useful term to replace the word man.
"What's going on tonight mab?"

"Sup mab"

"Donovan Mcmabb of the Philadelphia Eagles."

by Shields March 02, 2006
Mystery Ass Beer
Pass me the MAD MOTHERFUCKER?~!@?
by Grax October 23, 2002
M A B = Mandy and Brandon

Pff, only the best people in the whole world! We are kick ass! WOOT WOOT! We're awesome! We're cool! We will soon rule the world! MWUAHAHAHAHA, well Brandon will anyways Mandy just wants all your money and clothes.
Mandy: Female, straight, sexy, smart, awesome, a total M A B

Brandon: Male, bi, sexy emo, smart, awesome, a total M A B
by Brandon and Mandy May 06, 2008