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A type of war cry used when revenge or justice of some kind is in order. Often used before someone finishes something other people started.
"I got fired last night. I'm goin' there tomorrow and imma burn that mother fucker DOWN!"
by electronicbattleground November 09, 2004
The act of removing someone from your LiveJournal 'Friends List'.

One of the many ways to bitch slap someone on 'Teh Interweb'. Often happens in a domino effect, especially when one person doesn't like you - and they're good at influencing other people. With the right amount of pressure, one 'Unfriending', will lead to several.

But if that one person (ususually known as the queen bee) happens to 'Refriend' you, you'll notice the other drones will follow suit, because they are Borg, and have been 'assimilated'.

See minion, bitch, LiveJournal, slave, mindless, sheep, poser, drone, hive, insect.
"OMG. We hate that person this week. Didn't you know that?"
"No. Sorry. I didn't. Why do you hate them? What did they do??"
"Does it matter? WE JUST DO. Now UNFRIEND them from your Journal and get with the program!"
by electronicbattleground November 08, 2004
The one woman who is considered the 'leader' by the group of women (see minon and hive), she hangs out with or spends time with. Sometimes also known as the queen bee.

Sadly, the Queen is usually just a worn out old hag, that is fuled by jealousy, envy, drama, and gossip.
"I don't know what to do. Everyone is mad at Jane."
"Is the Queen mad at Jane?"
"Then you should be mad at Jane, too."
"What if I don't want to be mad at Jane?"
"Then the Queen will be mad at you. So disown that biotch Jane, PRONTO."
"And when you're done, make sure you gossip some shit about Jane, too. The Queen will like that."
by electronicbattleground November 09, 2004
Short for, "What the fuck is your problem".
"I hate you and I hope you die!!!!"
"Dude. WTFIYP today?"
by electronicbattleground November 08, 2004
A phrase that refers to fighting any kind of 'war' that is fought via the Internet, aka: via 'teh interweb'. This kind of war can happen any number of ways: though email, on message boards or forums, on LiveJournal or any Blogs, on AIM or any chat program, or even on IRC. See: ignant, troll, hag, PITA, tard, chickenshit.
"Mother fucker keeps on leaving ignant ass comments in my journal and has turned it into an Electronic Battleground. OMGWTFBBW. FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!"
by electronicbattleground November 08, 2004
One word for "Quit" and "It".
"QUIDDIT! Stop touching me!"
"No YOU QUIDDIT! You started this!"
by electronicbattleground November 08, 2004
Translation: You and I are going to fight, have at it, brawl, make with the bitch slapping.

Sometimes people 'dance' verbally, and other times, they 'dance' physically. Either way, the 'dance' ends in some kind of pain.
"You lyin' bitch!"
"What did you just call me?"
"I called you a lyin' bitch!"
"That's it. You and me, we gonna dance."
by electronicbattleground November 09, 2004

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