To be light, as in light in weight.
wdf my penis is small and lyte.
by Sir Jake 14 October 02, 2005
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Possesing of supernatural powers. Noticable above average intelligence, strength, godlike powers, and large amounts of awesomeness. Originally seen in the old testiment, derived from Latin.
Wow Moses, that Jesus guy is pretty lyte.
by Brett Carmel December 31, 2004
Probably the best thing in the world. In most cases, beats the joy of intercourse.
"I wish I could have some Lyte"
by phronemophobia August 12, 2003
The Entity Of All That Is Awesome.

Everything that is right with the world is comprised within the being known as "Lyte". All should follow his example and strive to become like him, but few actually possess the mental capacity, discipline, strenght, and good looks to do so.
"Man, I wish I was Lyte."
by Webster Dictionary August 11, 2003
A person of supremem power and wealth
That person is very lyte to own a slave like noah.
by Noah September 25, 2003
boy word for slut
Boy #1: "Bro, I hooked up with three girls last night"
Boy #2: "Dude you need to settle down already, you're acting like a lyte."
by yft July 12, 2014
A wild vigorous homosexual being.
Woah! Check out that lyte!
by Buttsniffinpenorlickinlordnoah December 30, 2004

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