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Idiotic form of chat used by 12 year old AOL users. This form of chat comes with many random "omg" and "lol's". Usually the chatter is prepubescant.
Sk8kiddzrool: omg hai!111!
Ryan: Are you retarded?
Sk8kiddzrool: no u r u mofo, i no were u liv & will scrw ur mom lololololol!111!!1one!!
by phronemophobia April 14, 2005
Probably the best thing in the world. In most cases, beats the joy of intercourse.
"I wish I could have some Lyte"
by phronemophobia August 12, 2003
Sporatic Masturbation Bout - When you just can't stand it anymore. It doesn't matter; back of the classroom, bathroom, under the dining room table, shower, garden, playground, driving.
Man, I was in woodshop and I had a SMB with sandpaper. It was awesome.
by phronemophobia April 13, 2005

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