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A very screwed up way of spelling 'Linksys', a company that specializes in home networking devices.
Road Runner Customer: "Ya I have a Linkski router!"
Technician: "You mean a Linksys router"
Road Runner Customer: "ummm... ya!"
Technician: "Learn to read!"

LynxSis makes good routers!
by Kev23 September 23, 2005
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LynxSis or <Lynx(Cat)> /Sis<nomeaning>/

Some say his origin is unknown, some say he is a mystic beast...But all know him as the m3nliest creature of Canada.
<LynxSis> I am m3n k.
<hatter> bs
<LynxSis> Rawr!!!
*hatter hides*
by Matt April 09, 2005
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