An older gay male who preys upon younger gay men for relationships or sexual encounters. The gay male equivalent of a cougar.
We classify him as a lynx because he is too old for his partners.
by DA GEMINI January 29, 2010
A former great gamer, the name formed from a can of deadorant. Since retired. LyNx was great at the game Deathball.
"LyNx m8 wana 5v5 war vs AoV ?"
"Nah, wanking :("
by Matthew Smith March 02, 2005
A text based web browser that allows all of the people who are bash addicts or are comletely broke and sad to view web pages text based in bash due to the fact that theyre pc cannot handle it.
But at the same time allowing you to view a semi-moderated version of frames and etc.
Lynx is for addicts or People who are lazy and need to get a job!
by Drastic February 25, 2005
British, pungent, foul-smelling spray underarm deodorant with many stupidly named variations, called "axe" in the USA
Lynx voodoo is a stupider name for a deodorant than Lynx gravity, but only just.
by Slyph February 20, 2005
A kick-ass joker at xerosix, AO, and PI forums. A true gentleman to all the ladies, possessed of a harem of at least 10 girls.

see Don Juan and/or bootymate.
If someone's laughing, it's probably Lynx's fault.
by C December 04, 2003
A seriously ugly guy with no neck.

Source: Doctor Who "The Time Warrior"
I used to work for this ugly bastard who looked like Lynx.
by Sutekh January 14, 2004
A Moderator at

a really cool guy whos real name is LynxFX-XBA
kicked blinx 'i owned j000'
by LynxFX September 19, 2003

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