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A university that's really an exclusive resort or country club. Where else can you sit in a hammock under a palm tree by the side of one of the seven lakes on campus? Not only is our campus stunning, check out the students. Some of the richest kids around the country, even more so around the world. A typical Lynn student is white, tan, blonde, rocking prada sunglasses, a gucci belt, and birkenstocks and a polo. Here kids drive the most absurd cars, bmws, audis, caddys, mercedes, bentleys, maseratis, ferraris. You name it. A typical day at Lynn would consist of waking up so the housekeepers can clean the dorms, maybe go to class, go shopping with mommy or daddys AMEX, drink an excessive amount of alcohol, and party all night in West Palm or Miami. This school is for the most elite class acts in the world.
At Lynn University, LU stickers abound on the backs of bentleys, astons, m6's, and lambos.
by westpalmadise324 October 19, 2009
a really nice school with an equally nicely funded student body. located in the prestigious city of boca raton, florida, down the street from the spanish river beach. some of the wealthiest offspring in the world come here to lynn, representing over 90 countries and 40 states. everyone comes from money, and they make sure you know it, too. flashy cars and flashy clothes are everywhere. everyone has either a yacht, private jet, a condo or beach house in deerfield or palm beach or another house in connecticut or new york, a sports car, and the like. everyone is from the tri state area, or some random place in florida or the northwest. tanning by the swimming pools is a major priority here and there is no such thing as tan lines. classes aren't rigorous by any means, however the school is engaging when it part takes in the student body's favorite activities such as binge drinking and passing out on the lake. lynn is like it's own world and is like a bubble. students have little sense of reality and are all here on a trust fund or the financial support of their well-off parents. to summarize lynn, it's affluent hot girls and guys set in the perfect tropical setting.
lynn university has the perfect boca raton setting.
by saraellis June 04, 2010
A place where students buy their degrees. It's a country club university for the rich and the retarded. Where partying from sunrise to sunset is an obligation and the parking lots glitter with luxury cars. This is paradise.
Congratulations! you've been accepted to lynn university! no prior education necessary, just your fat wallet and tanning oil.
by prettyinp!nk May 28, 2010
Probably one of the most gorgeous schools in the nation. It's the school where students can earn their degrees at the same time as living on a resort. A lot of trust fund babies here, and if you aren't hot, rich, and don't like to party, you better look elsewhere.
girls and guys here at lynn university are so hot and rich
by pradamilano315 March 30, 2010
A small college in boca raton, florida that's really an overpriced country club filled with unintelligent people. Academics are mediocre, and students show little to no interest in school work. Sports events and other school activities are pointless; students are only interested in one thing and one thing only which is doing line after line of cocaine and getting belligerently wasted every single day all day. Everyone is either rich or international and almost everyone does drugs and binge drinks. it's not uncommon to go to club or party and see someone from one of your classes passed out. think twice about coming here, especially if you don't enjoy some nose candy, boozin, and if you don't drive a car thats the same price or more as the 50 g tuition.
Lynn university is full of coked up brain dead trust fund babies.
by bostonredzzzz March 24, 2011
a land of complete make believe. a place where fast cars, fancy clothes, and complete fakeness rule the social scene. school work? what's that? there's no time to study when your campus is actually a $50,000 a yr resort. blonde hair is everywhere, and of course its fake. the only real thing about lynn is the clothes. louis bags and true religions are all over the place. cars? we drive ranges, beemers, benzes, and porsches. hondas? absolutely not. in a place where school work is non-existent, we still graduate with the best jobs. thanks to mommy and daddy, we'll be the future CEOs and owners of major companies, and if not, we'll be spending our trust funds from our well respected families. yea, we might not have a football team, but we still party harder than fau ever will.
lynn university is the place to be
by fashiongal<3 October 25, 2010
A small liberal arts college in South Florida, which has great learning disability support and lots of unique academic opportunities. It's a good school. It even held the 2012 presidential debate. Although admission criteria is holistic and isnt based off of only test scores, not everyone gets admitted.
Example 1:
Person 1: I am going to Lynn University
Person 2: Wow that sounds great that seems like a great school.
Example 2:
I didn't do well at Lynn university so I am going to go to PBSC, maybe I should have studied.
by Bearyfit art karate girl April 08, 2013
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