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A small college in boca raton, florida that's really an overpriced country club filled with unintelligent people. Academics are mediocre, and students show little to no interest in school work. Sports events and other school activities are pointless; students are only interested in one thing and one thing only which is doing line after line of cocaine and getting belligerently wasted every single day all day. Everyone is either rich or international and almost everyone does drugs and binge drinks. it's not uncommon to go to club or party and see someone from one of your classes passed out. think twice about coming here, especially if you don't enjoy some nose candy, boozin, and if you don't drive a car thats the same price or more as the 50 g tuition.
Lynn university is full of coked up brain dead trust fund babies.
by bostonredzzzz March 24, 2011

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