when you tie a NIGGER to a tree, and you beat that NIGGER until that NIGGER is DEAD!!!!
hey, lets go lynch that dirty cotton picker!
by kelso the bear April 28, 2010
one inch lynch; very small penis, one inch long and varies in length normally form one to three inches
girl : how big is it
boy : a lynch
girl : oh.... cya
by nigger emo November 21, 2008
to kill a person with a noose... normally alot of people fighting for a cause. some people wanna lynch obamma
guy1: hey dude, that black guy took my money...
guy2: tonight we lynch his ass...
guy1: alright...

one less black man
by in da hood March 29, 2008
Lynch is a word to describe something good, banging, cool. Rather than using the original word replace it with Lynch.
That was Lynch!
You're so Lynch!
by Ursula Purcell January 07, 2008
to hang a person done bye a huge mob the hanging iz not the bad part the torture comes first lynching comes from slavery when slave owners had problems with their slaves they would call a man i forgot his first name but his last name waz lynch and he would com and show them how 2 torture their slaves but not kill them so they would not disrespect their owners.
"my slave has been acting up i think iam going to call lynch"
by future251 January 08, 2008
my last name also means to hang someone or stone them to death
my last name is lynch
by zack September 28, 2003
the most brilliant filmmaker in the history of american cinema.
eraserhead, elephant man, dune, blue velvet, twin peaks, wild at heart, lost highway, straight story, mulholland drive. see al of them now!
by deliman July 03, 2005

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