verb. to give half-ass effort while playing tennis.
Example 1: "Dude, you totally missed that. Stop Lynching it on the court"
by thetennisplayer April 03, 2011
An alternative meaning for a stiff arm in football. Named after Marshawn Lynch's stiff arm against the Saints in the 2011 wild card game. Lynch ran 67 yards for a touchdown while breaking 8 tackles and throwing CB Tracy Porter to the ground with a stiff arm.
After a vicious stiff arm: Damn! That fool just got LYNCHED!!
by BellevueWolverines February 07, 2011
Drunk Moments at "party's" or "jam's" when the boyz go for Darts and/or Dlunch in the garage, or on the outside porch.
"Lynch time boyzzz!", "Lynch, lynch, lynch!" "I have 5 darts, lets go for Dlunch/Lynch!"
by CATSCANGIN May 09, 2012
To quit like a BOSS; to quit and throw people under the bus
I'm busting a lynch...Fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you... screw you guys... i'm going home
by BadBoy18 November 16, 2011
A lynch is a anglio-algarvian nick name for a smoking utensil filled with 1.weed/ hash 2.Salvia divinorum 3.Crack cocaine.

it is usually lit with a torch lighter.
hey dude, pass me the lynch.
by Morassa November 23, 2010
cannabis ,shit , hash ,weed
come we get a 10 bag o lynch
by didaly March 11, 2011
To remove (not necessarily kill) a member from a group by convincing the group that the member doesn't belong.
Ron was such an idiot so we lynched him. He needs a big timeout.
by GamingWolf March 25, 2009

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