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Luton is a large town situated just north of London. Just go up the M! and get off at either J10, J11 or J12 to enter the real life 'Hell's Mouth'. With a very diverse, ethnic community, violance and hatred are a part of everyday life for most Lutonians, the only people being lucky enough to escape it being the ones with enough money to hire bodyguards.
Luton does feature a large number of schools and colleges, as well as the renound 'Luton University'. Better point's of this death trap include a football team, an airport and enough roads to escape the bloody place the A6 toards Bedford for example. So come to Luton if you are looking for a cultural experiance. Just be prepared to run for a bit. But don't worry, most of the chav's are fat and can only just about run 50 meters due to the amount of alcohol and cigarrettes they've had.
I was once an Oxbridge candidate. Now that I've been to a school in Luton, I'll be lucky if I go to any university
by Matthew Harvey July 13, 2006
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Dismal large town about 30 miles north of English capital London. Very, very, very grey. Concrete is in fashion here. Divided into "poor bit" where most of the chavs live, and "Slightly less poor bit" where the pseudo-middle-class chavs live. Luton is unbelievably dull, containing about four decent drinking/entertainment establishments. The rest of the town is coated with shite buildings containing shite nightclubs with shite music and scummy patrons. If you come seeking fine cuisine then be sure to avoid most of the town, and focus most of your energy on finding one of our two fine restaurants (If you don't like Indian or Thai, you're boned). Alternatively you could visit one of our many Burger King or McDonalds "restaurants" and share greasy cow rectum burgers with our population of frequently drunk and often amusing "street folk." Keep in mind that if they approach you, you DON'T HAVE ANY SPARE CHANGE. If you want somewhere to stay, I hope you like concrete and mysterious smells.
Luton: You'll come for the sights, you'll stay because you're dead.
by Woodsie June 23, 2005
329 229
Okay, so we all know Luton isn't perfect. Infact, we all know its no where near that.
But I challenge you to find a town that is any where near as culturally diverse as Luton is. Its mix of races and cultures make it exciting and revolutionary- to expect a town to be full of white people is so old fashioned and ignorant.
The wide range of religion and races make it a fantastic place to grow up- it makes you more accepting of everyone.
So if you slag Luton off because you think Lutonians are 'stupid', take a look in the mirror, because it is ridiculous to suggest a town is uneducated just because of what it looks like.
Yea, Luton may have all the stereotypes, but you're just jelous.
by angel_101 May 14, 2008
197 102
Reading all the definitions of Luton before, I don't really have much else to say since they've covered most of it.

I would however like to clear up the fact that luton isn't a completely CHAV-infested shit-hole. Yeah, most of our population is either chavs, pikeys or gromits, but there are the rare few like myself that are actually normal people.

I can't wait to leave this shit-hole.
I'm not a chav, yet I come from Luton! Wooo! I'm a minority!
by I.Hate.Chavs November 27, 2006
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where you are defined by your postcode..
that's all there is to it..
"oi what part of luton are you from? are you lu3?"

"nah bruv im lu1 init!"

"nah mate you need to move.lu1 is dryyy.lu3 is safe tingzz."
by shutti October 20, 2007
142 110
Luton: Where society's problems come to fester...

Name an urban problem and Luton has it. Go on, I challenge you...

Gun crime, yep. Youth gangs, of course. Postcode wars, Well, everyone who lives there knows about that but somehow the police think they can say 'It doesn't exist' and it might come true. Class A drugs? Give me ten minuits and I will find a dealer. Pollution, poverty, crooked MP's, depressing crime levels, racist attacks from all sides... and most of all, the astonishing denial of the townfolk that allows it all to happen. Live here at your own peril.
Woman to luton police: "I just got mugged!"

Police: "I will need a statement, but he's not here now so we can't do anything."

Woman:"He's outide the cinema!"

Police (after talking to said man.): " He said he didn't do it so we let him go."

Woman: "...I fucking hate this town."

Police: "Excuse me, that man has parked in the wrong area, I have work to do."
by IKnowFromExperience January 12, 2010
67 55
I came on this website looking for Luton slang to use as examples in my university work and I was shocked at what I read! Some of it was quite funny because it’s so true, but in this day and age what do you expect? I'm not one to normally defend Luton but at the end of the day there are much worse places to live. I've lived in Wigmore all my life and never experienced any trouble. I would give someone £100 if they can find me a place where trouble DOESN'T happen. YES, smelly tramps might ask you for a pound when you're in town, and YES it's very concrete and grey, and YES there are some Chavs, but that description could be describing any one of the major cities in the country. Contrary to popular belief you CAN walk around without getting stabbed or beaten up. I've been doing it my whole life. I'm fully aware that it's not the nicest looking or maybe even the safest place but if you're not a complete idiot you will get out alive. I won't pretend there is a lot going for it because I know that there is not. But people need to stop banging on about how rubbish it is! I am not a tramp, an immigrant, a weirdo, an alcoholic or a drug addict. Both myself and my sister came out of school with A* grades- she is now a maths teacher and I am doing a degree in English aiming to be an English teacher- shock horror, people who don't pronounce their T's can actually be educated! Luton is not the hell hole that people have been describing it as.
I've lived in Luton all my life.
by AnnoyedLutonian October 28, 2010
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Shithole of a town 30 miles north of London full of Al-Qaeda supporting Pakistanis and drug taking Chavs
If I owned a flat in Luton and a flat in Hell I'd rent out the flat in Luton and live in Hell.
by Sir Bollocks November 12, 2013
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