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I'd like to add to my previous definition. Firstly regarding Luton nightlife.

The Park is adequate, owned by the Scream Pubs chain so it has some sort of respectability. Not great, but, hey! You're in Luton!

The Four Horseshoes is an Irish pub. The offspring of the Irish families (like me) used to go there and get pissed. The owner keeps it pretty orderly, it's worth a look.

The Edge is well worth it if you like indie and electro (lower room) and various types of metal (upper room). £12 entry on Tuesdays and a free bar.

I'm tired now, so i'd basically like to move on to the main point for this entry. "Can You Back It?" (down at the bottom of the page, oh, the humiliation) you're an uneducated spacker, and seriously, Watford? Hah, don't make me laugh. Don't type like that, you fucking mongoloid. "tinks dere bare hard," Seriously man, you just lose at life for writing that. Die.

I'm so glad I live in Manchester now.
Hah! Definitions. Is that 20 letters, eh? Luton Luton Luton. Gah.
by Woodsie October 22, 2006

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