A luster is a particualy angry and lustfull, lewd minded person.
michael is such a luster towards his father
by capital July 04, 2003
Top Definition
The person someone is in lust with; there is no desire of a commitment, just purely sexual activities with this other person. They are satisfied knowing there is no strings attached, but just the sex and occasional talking. Sometimes common between friends. Can often become confused with lover if situation gets serious for one person and not the other.
Braden is Allie's luster. Whenever they are together, something involving sex usually occurs, although they are just friends and don't want a relationship.
by Radio September 21, 2005
In a Vegas-esque fashion, to, sleazily, roll about and basque in nappiness.

The puppy rolled in luster upon the maggot filled shit pile.
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
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