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1. An all-purpose furniture polish that will give your furnishings the scent of new lemon.

2. The major demand made by the maids' union before they will agree to return to work.

Made popular by Family Guy.
Businessman: "What exactly are your demands?"

Maid's union rep: "We need more Lemon Pledge."

Businessman: "You need more Lemon Pledge..."

Maid: "...Yes."

Businessman: "We're not responsible for that. You should just bring some from home."

Maid: "...No."
by Head of the Maids' Union April 11, 2009
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A sexual act wherein two older or elderly men urinate on one another simultaneously. Name derived partly in reference to "Lemon Party", as well as the mutual nature of the urination being the "pledge".
"This old dude on twitter won't stop talking about Lemon Pledge, I think he might be in the closet"

"I just watched a video where two old bastards signed a Lemon Pledge, gross as hell"
by Cool Al Yankovic July 30, 2012
The purest most addictive artificial smell in the history of humankind.

As its aroma ventures into your unworthy nostrils, it plants the seeds of ecstasy and euphoria into the womb of your mind.

Its child is the harbinger of sex for the nose.
Q: Oh my fucking god what is that orgasmic smell?

A: That would be the scent of Lemon Pledge wafting towards your unworthy vicinity.
by Twisted Magnum August 28, 2009
A ninja.
OMFG Bruce Lee is totaly a lemon pledge.

Omfg that guy just lemonpledged my epics.
by failtank May 20, 2010
Something which is lacking in things that are lame, crap, poor or weak, and would be less so if more of it was applied.
"This sandwich needs more lemon pledge"

"Our team could have won, they just needed a bit more lemon pledge"

"You might be able to get a girlfriend, you had more lemon pledge"

"We need more lemon pledge"
by munkeemanometal September 06, 2012
A person who constantly cleans off counter tops with any form of anti-bacterial solution for the purpose of killing boredom as well as germs and infestation.
Josh "we need more Lemon Pledge" Wray
by DrMeathammer January 25, 2010
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