Proper Noun: Lust is a homunculus from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. She was created when an Ishabli man attempted to resurrect his beautiful lover after her premature death. He failed, as do most other human transmutations. The Ishabli man embarked on a quest to create the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary substance which would allow him to truly resurrect his lover. However, he was killed before he could attain his goal. The homunculus that resulted from his failed attempt was obtained by Dante - a powerful female alchemist - and groomed into a beautiful and deadly assassin. (A mark of her servitude to Dante is the ouroboros tattoo on her bosom.) As a homunculus, Lust possesses a special power in addition to her imperviousness. She is capable of extending her indestructible, claw-like nails to a considerable length. This technique is called the "ultimate halberd," and serves as a mortal weapon.

After years of loyal service to the alchemist who raised her, Lust's memories began to resurface as she interacted with humans. Rejecting her past, she killed a human who fell in love with her and brought about flashbacks of her former life. Later, Scar – the brother of the man who attempted to resurrect Lust – revealed the truth about how she was born. Lust accepted her past, and came to the realization that homunculi wish to be human – despite their superiority to normal humans – because of their past. After Scar's death, she allied herself with Edward Elric in order to obtain humanity via the Philosopher's Stone and rebel against the evil Dante. Before she could reveal Dante's true identity, Lust was engaged in combat with her fellow homunculi. Wrath, a homunculus capable of using alchemy, sealed her during the battle. This weakened her enough for her opponent to kill her. Lust's true name, the name of her lover, and Scar's name were never revealed.
Lust really takes the whole homunculus thing in stride.

Wow, that Lust's got a great rack and hot bod. But watch out, she'll kick your ass!
by Dan December 18, 2004
Top Definition
often confused with love, it is purely physical attraction and has no lasting effect
she lusted after him, his eyes, his hair, his body
by Tori September 05, 2003
A large physical attraction for an individual, that is sometimes uncontrollable and completely unreasonable.

Often confused with love.

Lust is not love if you don't wish to anything other than have sex with someone.
When ever I saw him, all I wanted to do was kiss him, and touch him. Strange how I never wanted to talk to him. It must have been lust.
by Trixiedust June 13, 2004
1. Excessive obsession over something.
2. Being sexually attracted to one another. Often mistaken for love.
by dj gs68 October 24, 2003
The feeling of wanting someone up against your skin and lips so badly that it makes you hurt inside.

The feeling between the two of you is so magnetic and strong that you can't contain it.

It's not just sex. It's the want and the need to be physically close to someone that you feel so passionately about it's unreal.
Lust is not love, though it feels like it.
by Danielle Danielle January 11, 2009
a physical attraction to soe one or something
often mistaken for love
lust is when you love what you see
love us when you lust for whats inside
by punkgal November 09, 2004
A human craving which makes you attracted to another person which usually leads to mad wild sex
Joy licks justins chest
Justin becomes full of lust
by tragidy April 29, 2003
Often mistaken for love. The intoxicating feeling one gets when around a member of the opposite sex one is attracted to. Purely physical, with no emotional attachment.

DO NOT confuse with love if you know what's good for you.
She lusted after him everytime she saw him. His body, his skin, his hands, they were all luscious to her.
by Christina Hart July 06, 2005
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