1. the latin word for "moon"

2. a japanese manga/television character personified as a talking female cat from works by Naoko Takeuchi refering to Bishoujo Sailor Moon

3. an uncommon female name

4. the "moon goddess" in some latin myths. this is uncorrect as Luna was merely a woman associated with the moon in mythology.
In the word "lunatic", "luna" is the latin root meaning "moon".
by Luna December 06, 2003
someone who doesn't want to do a bunch of cocaine, smash a hooker's face in with a dick, and run around with cops chasing them
wow nigga I'm so not a Luna jk I am lol I like men
by discluded April 26, 2015
The spanish word for moon. Often used as a name for characters in anime, manga, movies and more.
Luna is an adorable kitten!

The moon, or luna, looks very pretty tonite.
by TigerZahn March 14, 2005
1. Feminine name meaning "moon."

2. The mascot of New Moon magazine.
1. They decided to name their daughter Luna because she was born on a full moon.

3. When writing a letter to New Moon, she started it off "Dear Luna . . ."
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
A shit GUI for Windows XP.
Although computing isnt necesarily always about the GUI, im not saying that Luna didnt influence my desicion to install Linux. :)
by David Lee Roth March 11, 2005
Sometimes a miss pronunciation of the name "Laura" if you mistake the name Laura. This is usually caused by tards who mix up words.

*Laura is sitting, talking with her friends*

Alexa: HI LUNA!!

Laura: uh.... hi? My names Laura..

Alexa: OH...... BYE LUNA!!... oh, and please don't tell Miss Albirdie!! (chants satan).
by LUNA-luver January 18, 2010
name of the moon goddess in greek mythology

popular first name for girls and common last name

comparable to the moon, it is a romantic name to call someone you feel love towards. Like the moon these people show only phases in their nature and attention to them is needed to truly see what the whole of their nature looks like. Guidance to those in the dark i.e. moths wolves owls etc. quirky klutzy and all around fun.
Luna slowly shows her sides to you like the moon that hangs above us.

Luna is a common trip while walking in an empty room.

Luna guides me like a moth to the moon.
by rcj89 February 03, 2010

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