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That sound from Pac-Man. You know!
Doo doo doodoo...
wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka
by oxyhemoglobin April 20, 2006
A good word for any occasion. Can be used in any form or any context. Has a flexible meaning that is determined by the user of the word at the time the word is being used.
ex. BILL:"hey John what's up?"
by Mr. Dudeman G. September 04, 2008
One of the Characters in Final Fantasy X who is somewhat...idiotic and level headed. he is usally the concious of the group and does hae a accent and a annoying tendency to say " bruddah" a lot. At one point was a big huge part of the story line but after you win or lose the blitzball cup...well..he just is another useless fighter who needs training
Tidus: Let's go attack Seymore
Wakka: But he's a maestor Bruddah
by Albert Bigginz May 20, 2005
A word in the quickish language, the language of those who believe in the quickness. Whenever spoken it MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST AWLAYS be repeated by all those who hear it. Failure to repeat it will result in death. If someone does not repeat the word, but is not caught within one week, upon capture, they will be tortured to death.
Citizen 1: "Wakka"

Citizen 2: "Wakka"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 06, 2004
the coolest way of saying wicked/cool

originally derived from a typo on facebook chat
Josh: that film was wakka

Tom: what?

Josh: its the coolest way of saying cool
by joshinho July 16, 2010
Another "Old Australian" term, meaning something to the effect of "idiot."
{It sounds exactly like "whacker."}
Usually ties in with an adjective preceeding it, and this is usually something sarcastic, like 'great.'
"Scotty, ya great wakka!"
by beano June 29, 2003
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