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Acronym for Socks Under Toes and Heels. SUTH occurs when you are wearing Quitters(socks with bad elastic) and the sock tends to slide down past your heel and then, consequently, bunch up under your toes. While suth is not life threatening, it does become uncomfortable and may make the victim grouchy. Suth can also contribute to frostbite, blisters, footrot, or a strong desire to live in climates that require only sandals.
I have suth. Or I hate it when suth happens. My quitters are giving me suth.
by Doug Shey January 25, 2006
A type of nark involves reporting misbehavior also twists the truth to make the situation worse or for their own benifits.
"man, i got snitched by a suth"
by MasterJC October 12, 2004
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