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Luna is a very sweet, kind, smart and shy girl. She is a good friend who is always there for you. Luna is quiet and calm most of the time, but if she gets to know you well, she can act totally crazy around you. Also, Luna is not afraid to say what she believes, and will always stand up for her opinions. A Luna will often be tall and beautiful, with dark hair. The name Luna originates from the Spanish or Italian word for "moon".
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Luna is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. She is a girl with a great personality, she is awesome in every single way. A girl who's funny, classy, gentle, loyal, silly... She can always cheer people up. For me she's bae and she will always be.
Guy 1: i really need a beautiful girlfriend who's funny af, simply an amazing girl who can make me always happy.

Guy 2: oh, you really need to search you a Luna!
by Babyboo💘 October 28, 2014
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most amazing person. Loving, kind, sweet, funny, beautiful. Always there for you. The best friend anyone could ask for. Huge heart, big brain. Loyal and will never leave someone she truly loves.
I wanna be friends with her! She seems like a Luna
by bumblebee223 January 02, 2015
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1. "Moon" in Spanish and Italian. Basically means moon in almost all Romance Languages.

2. A person who is really nice and caring, but hot and sexy at the same time. Amazing in bed. Friendly with everyone and loves to hang out with her friends

3. The name of the cat in Sailor Moon.
1. La LUNA e bellissima!

2. "Who is that?"
"I don`t know, but she is such a LUNA."
by LKJGFDSA March 31, 2009
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wow, she is such a luna
by such a luna March 19, 2016
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def.- A hot and caring girl who is a badass at video games and was one of the first girls to get into playing games that boys like. (ex. Call of Duty) Once this girl gets started on a videogame, she will not stop until she has beaten it. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the video game away from her for she will get pissed and start throwing things at you.
Mother-Luna has been playing that game for 3 days straight!
Father- Yeah, but just don't take it off of her!
by thebestaround69 January 04, 2015
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A charming term of endearment for a loved one. For months, scholars have disputed the origin of its usage in this context. Recent evidence, however, suggests it originated somewhere near the Polish/Ukrainian border during the late 20th century.

In most contexts, can be directly interchanged with the 1990s-era American term of endearment, "Schmoopy".
Person 1: "I love you, Luna. You're my Luna."
Person 2: "No you're Luna."
Person 1: "No you're Luna."
Person 2: "No you're Luuunnaaaa..."
Both giggle and embrace in ecstasy
by Ladainian the Great August 04, 2009
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