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A person whose head is lumpy
"Heyyyyyyyyy Fred, you coming to the game tonight lumphead?"
by Cameron (ectoskeletal.tk) March 14, 2003
A polite way of describing a mentally handicapped person. Often prounced with a silent 'H'. Commonly used by Careworkers to describe their charges

Can be used to describe a lapse in intelligence
Check out the lumphead licking that window!

That lump is a bit speh shul

Quick! Break out the tranq gun, the lumpheads are escaping!

I got lost, felt like a right lumphead

Your Ma's a lumphead
by cyberkitten01 April 11, 2008
a cat, feline
"Look at the cute lumphead purring in your lap"
by greenchester April 16, 2004