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A person whose head is lumpy
"Heyyyyyyyyy Fred, you coming to the game tonight lumphead?"
by Cameron ( March 14, 2003
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"Look at the cute lumphead purring in your lap"
by greenchester April 16, 2004
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somebody with a vacuous mind,or lacking in intelligence. Also used to mean someone with a big lump on their head resulting from a blow to the head.
Kenny,Kevin,Jamie,Matt,Robert,Harun,Uriah,Jim,Tom,Bill,and Jeff are all quite the lumpheadsfor being barehead in such cold weather!

On February 24,1980, ten-year-old Linus was quite the lumphead, by saying his nine-year-old brother Luke had a square head and Luke repaid Linus by calling his head a rectangle head,and with that he crowned Linus as Linus lost his pompom snowhat. "Now you're a lumpheadin more ways than one,Linus!" exclaimed Luke,as a huge lump appeared on Linus' bare cold head.
by JMC70 January 08, 2017
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