To laze about. Being inactive and unmotivated.
"All my wife ever does on her days off is lump on the couch watching tv or playing PS2"
by Roxanne July 30, 2003
Widely known in casino culture as a craps dealer who simply does not belong on the game, either due to a lack of skill, knowledge or personality.
The craps crew is going out for a Jager-bomb buffet after work and not inviting the lump.
by J. Lebowski January 19, 2010
short or stocky person
with a very wide base or body structure
Friend 1:Man, that dude is huge.
Friend 2: Yea, he's a lump
by fido67 May 17, 2011
A person whom, when consuming any dose of marijuana, will act like a "lump" in the corner of the room - apathetic, useless, and lazy.
1: "nahh don't want to do anything today"
2: "fine, get high and be a fuckin' lump."
by TheWondrousBiso July 08, 2011
1. to lump is to rub, intercourse, sex, hump etc..
2. a nastier, more graphic word for intercourse
3. can also refer to lovely lady breasts

v. to lump
we was at da club right.. and dis fine lil shawty wanna go back to da crib right so i took dat bitch home and lumped da dogshit outta her! chyeeeea!
by tushaba January 25, 2010
(1) Little Ugly Midget Penis or a really small penis.

(2) A guy who thinks he got a big penis but actually has a very small one.
"That nigga got a lump."

"FYI - he got a lump."

by TruStarz April 06, 2009
A lump of hashish
Customer- when can i get that lump
Dealer- When I get my money
by guwan September 06, 2008
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