The act of cutting off one's penis and using it as a dildo after filling it with cement.
-"Hey man, you want a Luke Skywalker or something?"

by Jakey Lib December 08, 2007
He looks ugly because Mark Hamill (The dude who played Luke) was in a car accident after Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope. So, they had to do all sorts of reconstructive surgery on his face. But he was hot in the first movie.

So shut up.
Beth: Luke Skywalker is ugly!!!

Savannah: *Punchpunchpunch*
by S4v4nn4h January 12, 2006
The jedi that appealed most to Star Wars fans, because he was so geeky, just like them. I mean, if any other jedi was in Luke's possition when he found out Vader was his father, would they have screamed like a wussy?
Star Wars > all other movies forever.
by KK May 11, 2005
The whiniest charactor the in Star Wars Universe. See emo
Man, with all the whining Luke Skywalker does, he must be emo!
by tru7h December 06, 2006
a weak ie man from star wars who manages to kill his father and the emperor by sheer luck.
WIthout his lightsaber, Luke would get pwned by Worf
by Tereth February 17, 2005
A jedi.

Son of Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala.

A dissapointment.
"How does Anakin manage to look so hot, while Luke is pretty damn ugly?!"

"He gets it from his mother."
by [The Problem Child] June 04, 2005

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