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Luing is another term for smoking, or having a cigarette.

Commonly used by most hardcore smokers, mainly used my the hardcore Lu'ers in the Guernsey grammar school sixth form centre.
It stands for 'Light up'.

Good etiquette states you must remind fellow luers how much of a pleasure it was luing with them.
Hello sir, coming for a heaven Lu?'
'Ofcourse sir, It would be a pleasure Luing with you.'
by #1 Sixth Form Lu'er October 13, 2010
The act of asking someone a question in the hopes that he/she will, out of politeness, ask the same question in return, so that you can tell him/her something without sounding like an ass.

The question asked with such intentions is called a lu, not to be confused with the other definitions of lu on
A: "Hey how was your day?"
B: "It was okay... How about yours?"
A: "WELL, let me tell you everything that happened..."
B: "Oh, you were luing me. I don't want to hear your shit."

Another example of luing:

A: "How'd you do on that last test?"
B: "Terrible... you?"
A: "I got a perfect score, plus 15 points of extra credit. Thanks for asking."
by I hate life November 07, 2005

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