Loving someone as a friend and nothing else
"I luff you man"
by Pudding Tacos In Texas March 24, 2010
Similar to love; feelings of admiration that arouse when on shrooms, creates attachment
I drew on him while he was on shrooms and now he luffs me.
by Linny the Pooh August 07, 2010
The initial infatuation for a person. The feelings of light headed and giddiness. When your heart skips a beat every time you think of them and a whole smile stretches across your face when you're reading their texts to you. The feeling you get when you think of someone you completely admire and adore. Puppy love. You don't quite understand the person yet completely so you don't really love them, but it's the feeling from when you're learning about them and it makes you completely interested and taken up by them.
girl: I luff you >.<

boy: wtf is luff?

girl: it's a feeling =)

boy: that sounds stupid

*some time later*

boy: I luff you, everyday "luff" becomes more like "love."

girl: I knew it wasn't just a stupid word
by sailormars0402 December 07, 2010
obsessive love between a bunny and a minx.
You see Daniel over there..my little bunny, he is soo in luff with me!
by Dirty Little Pretty February 15, 2010
Luffing is a natural thing which happens between a man and a woman (or cloey and a woman). Luffing has existed for several days and is allready considered common. The origin of luffing seems to come from 'Ash the phoenix', which said "I luff seymour", but this is only a theory. There are several different sorts of luffing, as it is with most things.
To make luff to a person you have to get luffed back, if not it isn't considered luffing (unless you're luffing cloey)
"I luff person"
"I luff you too"
* person for a long time.
This however is not luffing, this is trying to luff your chosen one (or cloey).
To really make luff the chosen one must reply either:
* person is luffed
* person is making luff
by Marius December 14, 2004
Notes that that the large black man loves his sweetheart more, by definition, and is in-disputable.
James: I luff you more

Kelly: Dammit. Okay.
by Couch Dreamer December 27, 2010
The love a sugarball has for a beautiful little baby princess booger <3
Sugarball: "I luff you"
Baby: "I luff you to :)"
by Sugarballl December 10, 2010

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