To love with a lot more "effing"
So Nathan and I had a wonderful date and then we went home and luffed.
by no1gives14 May 07, 2005
I love you like a friend
Sammy G... I luff you!
by Sammy G August 12, 2004
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person which exceeds that of love. There is no greater feeling you can have for someone than to luff them.
I luff my girlfriend giving me head
by al_clarkey18 October 22, 2007
Often used by 14 year old girls or Dyslexics
OMG i just Luff your skirt
by Zabuza October 03, 2004
used by 12 year old girls, deslexic people or just pure retards. annoying as shit and pointless.
commonly found before the word 'yew' also used by the same people as mentioned above.
OMG i luff yew, your new skirt is amazing i luff it.
by el duderino May 21, 2006
Something n00bs like to say to their online boyfriend/girlfriend.
Liek omgz,I luff j00!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^____^6^___^;;; <33333
by alzu_ru August 21, 2006
Love! Only BETTER because it's between Halley and Travis.
Halley and Travis luff each other.
by Travis Hiner April 05, 2005

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