Luff is another Word for Love

Luff: Tyler and Bella
I luff you Person1.

I luff you so much Person2
by celesti3k August 31, 2011
Luff is a synonym for flatulence, or more commonly, the fart. Its original use was from sailing, from the sound a flapping sail makes. Also shortened from "fluff."
"Dude, did you just luff? It stinks like a nasty fart in here."
by S. Lance September 27, 2005
Also: the act of sailing a ship closer to the wind. Because of the term's obscurity, it has been adapted from various novels in which it appears, and is used to replace more or less any word without preference.
"Well, I'm luffed (exhausted). Let's luff (go) back home."
"Stop telling me what to do, you luffing (fucking) luffer (bitch?)."
by Sebastian Bales May 04, 2005
a cuter, girlish way to say love
I luff your outfit! OMG!
by teh definitioner August 19, 2003
Luff is nonsexual, genuine love between to members of the same sex. Generally used very positively, and usually in sincerety.
They are the best of friends; Taylor and Andy really luff each other.

"Dude, I luff you!"
by Taylor and Candace March 14, 2006
a gnarlier, awesomish way to say love
I luff your inseam! OMG!
by 2KewlFerSkoo June 22, 2004
a playful version of the word luff
1.i luff my friends

2.i luff you!get it?got it?good!
by well-um-uh-me :D April 20, 2008

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