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When someone is really lucky.
Me: "John and I played poker all night. He had pocket Aces three times in a row."
Friend: "What a Lucky Dog."
#dog #lucky #lucky dog #luck #lucked
by KB420 August 29, 2008
A multi award-winning brand of hot sauce from Hayward, California
That Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is Food's Best Friend!
#luckydoghotsauce #lucky dog hot sauce #lucky dog sauce #lucky dawg hot sauce #lucky hot sauce
by Hot Sauce Fiend April 17, 2015
To throw up after a night of heavy drinking, adapted from the following punchline:

"When I got home last night I blew chunks"
"What's so bad about that?"
"Chunks is my dog"
You should've seen me this morning - I lucky dogged in my favourite shoes. Minging.
#vomit #sick #puke #throw-up #regurgitate
by Mister_Oz October 16, 2006
While doing a woman doggy style you spin her around just before you cum and blow your load in her mouth.
My old lady gave me a lucky dog last night. She swallowed the whole load.
#oral #blow job #doggy style #back door #swallow
by AJ19692002 November 29, 2007
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