someone who is super hot and all tha boizzz go DAYUMMM when they walk by. they are super awesome and everyone likes her.they are athletic and pretty and have a great bod. oh and they are super cool.
that chick is so lucia!
by blahblahblahimsacool May 25, 2011
Top Definition
An absolutely gorgeous girl, great in bed and extremely sexual, really smart, and adorably hilarious. A Lucia is someone who takes a man's breath away.
"Damn, that girl is a lucia."
by lucia717 November 24, 2009
jewish for beautiful, nice, smart, loving, adventerous, caring, amazing....
she is lucia. nuff said
by bamfbib April 18, 2009
A beautiful, amazing, wonerful woman who makes me smile. i would do anything just to spend time with her because when we are together it seems like the world stops and its only us there. when we kiss it feels like nothing else in the entire world could possibly be better. she knows how to make me feel good. i have no idea how i got such a woman to be mine but im so glad that she is. she is an amazing kisser and apparently a good dancer. haha <3333
"Hey man i really wish i had a Lucia like you do"
"back off dude shes all mine"
by lblover21 March 15, 2010
nice and caring
lucia-am i nice or not
mate-yes your very nice.
by nininininini March 28, 2009
lucia is the best girl and the best girlfriend. She is funny, interesting, smart, fun to be with. She has a strong sexual side but it is very funny.....and makes me laugh. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and i cant live without her. I.1.2.1/2.6
I want to be with lucia forever
by Iloveluciawithmylife December 13, 2010
Nice and caring. Good looks. (Very good, in fact) Plays guitar. Funny. Generally cool person. Friends with everyone. Weird in a good way.
Who's that really cool person over there?
That's Lucia!
by Maks Ulrich23 August 08, 2011
A perfect girl, lovely, beutiful, and jaw dropping. This girl is the ultimate guys dream. This girl is the best thing that you will ever see. She has a nice ass, tan, and sweet.
Guy1: Damn! who is that?
Guy2: I dont know but that must be a Lucia
(Guy1 and Guy2 follow her around town all day)
by craycray123456789 February 08, 2013
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