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A perfect girl, lovely, beutiful, and jaw dropping. This girl is the ultimate guys dream. This girl is the best thing that you will ever see. She has a nice ass, tan, and sweet.
Guy1: Damn! who is that?
Guy2: I dont know but that must be a Lucia
(Guy1 and Guy2 follow her around town all day)
by craycray123456789 February 08, 2013
An amazing wonderful woman who is super funny, brunet, beautiful, nice, loving, always trying to fix other peoples problems,and has a crush on a great guy named Jared..... Lucias and Jareds go together. Whenever people talk about a Lucia, they are stating that the woman is jaw-dropping gorgeous.
"Hey look at her,"
"Damn that must be a Lucia."
by h0wb0utthat? May 01, 2012
1.A swedish festival where girls wear candles on top of their head - the girl in question trips and sets her hair on fire.
OMG what happened to your hair?!

by Gavin Blake October 28, 2008
1) Hitting a very terrible golf shot.

2) Any golf shot that goes 10 feet from the point of impact.
3) Anything terrible in the game of golf.
1) Man did you see that guy? He really Lucia'd that shot!

2) This new club I bought is all kinds of Lucia'd!

3) Just when I think I'm doing better I hit a Lucia like that!
by callaway1 April 22, 2010
A selfish, manipulative, skanky, slut of a woman with undiagnosed/untreated borderline personality disorder.
A: "hey bro, I'm meeting up with Jenny tomorrow night..."

B: "shit dude, make sure you wear at least three condoms and keep a rape whistle around your neck at all times. i heard that whore's a total Lucia."
by we want crunchy March 30, 2010
Another term for *Jerkin the Gerkin* while in a slumber party of flaming homosexual tranny's. Also known as one slapping his dingdong against a flock of pidgeons and usually knocking them unconcious.
Chris- "Hey you guys want to go watch a dirty movie"
Danny- "No way dude I want to go Lucia"

Christian- "Dude I totally Lucia'd 5 birds last night!
by Stalker666 May 21, 2008