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(adj.) lazier than lazy; lazy to an immense extent
Edward was feeling too lozy to finish his essay.
by edwardluvr November 12, 2013
A combination of feeling lazy and dozy, which is characterized by the particular euphoric exhaustion experienced by new parents. The best way to relieve loziness is to get cozy in a blanket on the couch.
"Man, I feel so lozy!" or "Whoa, I am so lozed." or "Only new parents can feel this enhanced degree of loziness."
by Reason Girl March 18, 2008
to put off doing homework
1. Don't lozy !
2. I was gonna do homework last night but I lozyed instead.
3. person A: What are you doing?
person B: I'm lozying
person A: Yeah same, I hate doing homework.
by claire and lizzy :) April 19, 2008

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