A condition that occurs when the testicles feel (to the owner) as though they weigh several times there normal weight due to producing too much sperm and not getting to use it.
He had been gagging for sex for days but tonight she just wanted to cuddle. Tomorrow he was going to suffer with Lovers Nuts.
by Woz0 May 26, 2008
A early archaic term for blue balls.
"The bitch was such a prick tease she gave me lover's nuts."
by Sheila Jansen May 11, 2008
Testicular pain caused by prolonged sexual stimulation without ejaculation.

' At the next table, also alone, was Cyprian Ukwende, the Indaro, the Nigerian . . .

. . . ' He needed a woman, too, or a bunch of women who would fuck him hundreds of times a week, because he was so full of lust and jism all the time. And he ached to be with his Indaro relatives. Back home, he had six hundred relatives he knew by name.

' Ukwende's face was impassive as he ordered the Number Three Breakfast with whole-wheat toast. Behind his mask was a young man in the terminal stages of nostalgia and lover's nuts. '

--- 1973. KURT VONNEGUT. "Breakfast of Champions, or, Goodbye Blue Monday." Chapter 11 (Pages 92 - 93).
by Dinkum February 25, 2014

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