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The period of time immediately after falling in love when one's obligations, plans, communication with others, and sometimes necessities become neglected due to the desire to spend time with another person.
Upon meeting, Jack and Jill entered a particularly severe love bubble where they forgot to eat or sleep for an entire day, but it was of no matter to them.
by someborgguy January 09, 2013
1. Two milk-secreting, glandular organs on the chest of a woman; the human mammary gland.
2. A source of nourishment.
3. Boobs.
"I saw your mum's love bubbles",
"You've got FAT love bubbles!"
"I scanned Miss. Stewart's love bubbles on a recent excursion to Vancouver."
"I'd love to lube up your love bubbles and..."

See also: chest bags of joy.
Where you've fallen in a deep love with someone but they may not love you back and you don't want to move on so you're stuck with a problem
Janie: I heard john didn't love you anymore
Lilly: yeah, I'm stuck in a Love bubble
by Tipsykitty April 29, 2010
When your holding back a fart and one slips by, causing a single bloop during sex
Man last night I was hitting it hard and was trying to hold it back but I couldn't. She asked what was that. I said oh nothing baby, it was a love bubble.
by Jackmehoff2214 September 24, 2015
sexually transmitted disease herpes simplex
After watching a television advertisement for prescription herpes medication, Steve asks me, "Do you have love bubbles?"
by stevewk May 01, 2007
Another colloquial term for the male genitalia specifically the testes.
Loosen your jeans and let your love bubbles breathe
You can let them breathe now... your... your love bubbles
by E.Conroy October 11, 2012
The luscious rear end of a ebony queen the jiggles while she works.
Damn look at that double love bubble on sheniquia.
by bignblack December 04, 2010

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