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A quirky stand-up comedian from Downer's Grove, Illinois who won the 1985 Music Award for best comedy album, "E=mo2," released stand-up video, "Live at the Hasty Pudding Theater," and has worked in television and movies. Also famous for his coleslaw recipe and being quite handy with the ladies.
We spent our childhood watching Emo Phillips, which consequently had a major influence on our oddball sense of humor.
by stevewk May 04, 2007
birkenstocks, hippie sandals, faux birkenstocks, leather sandals, leather flip flops
Jeruselum joggers come in many different styles and colors these days.
by stevewk May 02, 2007
sexually transmitted disease herpes simplex
After watching a television advertisement for prescription herpes medication, Steve asks me, "Do you have love bubbles?"
by stevewk May 01, 2007

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