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use your right thumb to hold your right ring finger so your index and middle fingers can insert into a females vagina while your pinky is simultaneously penetrating her bunghole
(aka the shocker)
last nite, I shot her up Love Gun style >; D
by kahda July 19, 2004
28 22
It's a Penis, you numnuts!
"My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights
Big gain is waiting there inside her tights, Yeah!"
by king of canada May 12, 2006
60 25
slang for your penis
i shot her vagina up with my love gun
by Love Gun79 November 02, 2005
37 28
two fingers in the pink, one finger in the stink
"what do you mean your honor, it was only a love gun!"
by ROB $ October 27, 2004
20 14
When one MAN makes the motion of shooting a gun with his hand at his lover or homosexual crush.
Dodd wont stop shooting me with those love guns but i just dont like men.
by CAFLUFLE February 20, 2005
4 6
It is a variance of the "shocker" where you put 2 in the sink and one in the stink but you use your thumb like a guns "hammer" to stimulate the clitourus...
One nighters use the shocker... Two people in love use the love gun :)
by 2DeRaNgEd September 11, 2006
12 18