A designer label which specializes in "leather goods". Basically they have some underage children working in a factory making a bunch of purses by hand. They charge a lot for their purses and stuff, but I think it's okay. You have to make money somehow. People make fun of other people who wear Louis Vuitton, it's most likely because they were bullied in school for being poor and wearing jeans from Wal-Mart. Louis Vuitton is however over-priced and marketed to the point that you're considered cool if you own a "Louis".

In reality it isn't what you buy that makes you cool, it's your personality. But unfortunately today's society is too shallow, so I guess you should go out and buy a Louis Vuitton purse to look cool, it's the only thing that will give nerds and anorexic people alike a chance at popularity.
Blonde person: "Oh She has a Louis Vuitton purse! She must make millions of dollars! Omg she must be a celebrity!"

Poor person: "Shut up bitch, Louis Vuitton is a cheap label for whores who wear too much makeup and people who want to think they're rich!"

Blonde person: "Shut up, you're too poor to understand. If someone like you, a hobo looking girl, walked into Louis Vuitton they would call security and you would make it on the channel six news for attempted murder!"

Louis Vuitton: (speaking in french) "Actually I invented a different class of luggage, that was my goal. I wanted something reliable, and innovative. It's my decendants and the people who took over the company who reinvented the brand to be a money sucking powerhouse, and who started over pricing it. Although many celebrities back in my day were craving for my luggage, because it was so reliable and stylish. So early on, many of the little peons wanted a Louis Vuitton because they wanted to have the same luggage as their favorite actress, only because they wanted to feel special. That was the eventual downfall/start of my company"

Blonde person and poor person: (Look in shock)

Poor person: "Aren't you dead?"
by louis.vuitton July 23, 2008
One of the world's most premier designers, even though it is extremly expenisve, it is a classic and has been around since 1850's. Notable designer Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuitton. They specialize in high-end accesories rather than ready-to-wear. Louis Vuitton is only sold in top notch department stores or their own world-class boutiques. It is notably worn by Asians and Blacks. Unfortuanely, many tacky knock-offs have been made, that have made it loose some of its appeal. In recent years, it has been less classic and recently have been collaborating with innovative artists such as Kanye West and Pharell.
Suzy Yuki: Excuse me! Where you get that Louis!
Shinono: China Town bitch, 20 dolla
Suzy Yuki: No, where you get the real Louis Vuitton.
Shinono: 0oo0o on fifth ave, where else?
by TRENDYARB April 01, 2009
The must have in carrying acessories/ leather goods.
Girly 1: OMG girly 2 Betty is sooo beautiful!! she has a louis!!
Girly 2: Ummm girly 1....its fake!
Girly 1: OMG Betty is soooo fucking ugly!
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005
A pathetic excuse for a designer and a hell of a lot of waste of money.
Anyone who buys LV crap is just a Paris Hilton wanna be, and should choke on their dinner.
Chick - "I just totally wasted my money on that stupid peice of ass Louis Vuitton bracelet! It was $98,000,000,000 and it just broke!"

Aww, go have a cry now.
by Juzzzzz October 25, 2006
Designer brand by a guy named louis vuitton =] the monograms are somewhat nice,..not all is nice because its so popular.
You can find some nice imitation louis vuitton bags over there
by WASABII May 23, 2004
Not only an expensive brandname, but also an extremely provacative tennis serve. This is usually used by female tennis players to give male tennis players peculiar sized erections in their tight tennis shorts.
Tennis1: Dude you see that hot chick up their who's like 14?
Tennis2: Yea Dude!
Tennis1: Oh my god dude she gave our 50 yearold tennis coach a viagra boner.
Tennis2: Holy Shit! How?
Tennis1: It's gotta be the louis vuitton
by Logan Cisewski June 11, 2005

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