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4 definitions by abercombiboi

The must have in carrying acessories/ leather goods.
Girly 1: OMG girly 2 Betty is sooo beautiful!! she has a louis!!
Girly 2: Ummm girly 1....its fake!
Girly 1: OMG Betty is soooo fucking ugly!
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005
The most Beautiful person EVER!! also an adj to show that it belongs to Melea and Tony and that you bitchs are sooo fugly you don't deserve it!
EEKKK!! look at my Melony Mattress!!
Lets got to the Melony Mall
GAWD your soo stupid Melony Hates you
Wow....Melony is sooo beautiful, unlike lemon wedge who is ummm....just wrong
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005
A scary lesbain man waowww!
Omg wanna hear my Cher impression?!?!?!..
If I could turn back TIAUMM!!
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005
The best store EVER!!!! HAs the most FAB-U-LOUS clothes EVER!!!! Its like drugs to everyone who LOVES it! This store is soo wonderful and people who hate it are just jelous because they are fugly and are stupy!
EX 1:A&F person 1:OMG!!! I'm going to Abercrombie this weekend!!
A&F person 2: EKKKKK!!! I AM SOOOOO jelous!! will you let me wear ur cute abercrombie sweater?!?!
A&F person 1: UMMM DUH!!

EX 2: Gay AF guy 1: AHHHHH!!! OMG I'm TO DIE!!!
Gay AF guy 1: OMG WHY?!?!?! because i just got the Lewey Mountain Polo in white for only $49.99!!!
Gay AF guy 2: EKKKK!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! thats sooooooo cheep!!
by abercombiboi January 29, 2005