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adj. - Being loud and rowdy at the same time.
"The kids had too much Halloween candy and now they're being loudy.
by djricenitrotank October 29, 2011
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a person that rides around in any type of car playing their music way to loud(probably to make up for sumthing), these people are ussally niggers,spics,chiggers, wiggers, and wankstas, and the occasional white guy that isnt really sure how to turn down the volume. These people are the ones that drive down main and side streets that you can hear coming right when they are on a straight away. They might as well be the scum of the earth.
-What the fuck is that noise?

-A fuckin loudy with his fuckin hat on to low and its so big it covers his ears, what a nigger
by niggerhater March 22, 2007
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