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A sweet, tiny girl. Naive and shy.

Kind and motherly, always giving.
Prone to collect piles and piles of junk.
If you're not careful, all this shopping will turn you into a Louann
by sipe1983 February 03, 2010
smart, funny, always looking to help. A person that can be counted on and you can count on keeping your secrets. As a child - curious. As an adult - everyone's rock. As a mother - a reliable and consistent. Always "the best mom" in the neighborhood even though all the kids now the homework MUST be done first. She has more love to give than those who are willing to cherish it. She is not always right nor is she always the best at everything but you always know she gives you her best.
I wish I had a Lou Ann in my life. I wish I had a Lou Ann for a mom.
by Easternsky August 31, 2010
Dominating, knows what she wants and goes after it. Get in her way and get your feelings hurt or give in to her and get the love of your life.
Lou Ann has her sites set on him, man what a lucky guy he will be!
by Tunee February 03, 2010
a really kind and gentle girl, loves to make others happy, and put other before herself.

She always seems nice and innocent at times, but do not that fool you!
she is beautiful both inside and out, everyone should be happy to have a friend like her!
When people hear her name they think she is a country girl, when this girl is not.
I love you LOUANN!!!
girl 1: she is so nice and loving
girl 2: she must be a Louann
by nicki7898 May 25, 2013
a big beastly country girl, usually inbred.
LouAnn:i'm the best kisser in town.
friend: how do you know that?
LouAnn: cuz my daddy said so.
by PunkN October 22, 2008

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