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some one you like, but you dont want to show your true feelings or emotions
call your best guy friend a loserface
by Alecz March 20, 2006
los•er•face n.- one who is a failure at life, and will live the duration of their adult life as a hobo in a box
The loserface picked his nose for food, and wished he could be more like the amazing Tara Jacobson who is just so cool.
by Yo Mamma November 18, 2003
Loserface is what you call your friends when they are being stupid.
Gosh! You're such a freakin loserface
by Stephanie February 18, 2005
Its what you call someone when they do something stupid or immature
You have to go to summer school? haha loser face
by Kayy July 06, 2006
the name you give someone when you learn they are just for you . it is someone you can fall in love with .
he is my loserface .
by mindyyy January 13, 2008
something or someone that does something dumb/stupid/idiotic
stop it you loserface !
by loserface September 06, 2003
(n.) An uber loser; a major loser; one who has face-planted into loserdom.
"Man, that dude just walked into a parked car while texting on his gay blackberry!"

"Wow! He hit his face too! What a loserface."

"Totally brah."
by nighthawk1530 October 08, 2009
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