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goodge or perinaeum, the area/seam of skin between a man's balls and anus.
"Oh lordy, I've got cramp in my goodge"
by Ayersy February 03, 2005
a womans gee or pussy. Named after an area of london
'your mothers goodge' 'nice bit of goodge
by Ooch February 01, 2005
a socially awkward fat girl, a grenade, a debber downer, a cock block, a becky.
Goodge is here, hide.
by LONDONFUNDON April 15, 2011
The stroking and playing with someones hair.
Dad: If you don't stop playing with my hair i'm going to shave it off
Boy: It's not playing it Goodgeing Pa
Dad: Don't argue with me boy.
by Shifty Pye1 May 31, 2009
Noun: Goodge
Verb: To Goodgefy
Meaning: The homosexual act of spoodging spoodge
Dude,my mate totally goodged in that guys arse.
Man,I just completed a total act of goodgification.
by Andy Starzak August 03, 2005
When an action takes a course which is bad ie sarcastic.
Beard says "Oh look i have just circumcised my self"

Gunga says "Goodge you are so lucky"
by crowbar your life August 18, 2004

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