- small crappy little spot located in In the Northern region of New Brunswick, where odd people named Lapointe and gagnon like to congregate and shoot off.
- Extreme sarcasm is common within the girl population from up there commonly around the age of eighteen years old.
- Names like Penny and Dale are not uncommon as well and are often backed up by a very pretty lady.
- Lapointe girls are commonly attracted to boys from Mcadam and Miramichi, so watch out.
- booty
Lorne, Gods Country, Ye old shithole, bog
by Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap17 May 10, 2010
A dashingly handsome statuesque Swede who perspires an aroma of cherry blossoms, white jasmin and peach. He spends his leisure time resting his penis on pink, nippled pillows. Commonly found in the company of those suffering from Daniella. A powerful aphrodisiac if grated into soup.
I think my roommate is of the Lorne persuasion.. it always smells like cherry blossoms and my pillows are covered in semen.
by emilydaniellalorne September 22, 2008
A handsome, dashing, SEXY and charming guy who is crazy, funny and outgoing at times but can also be sensitive and caring. He is an athlete and has good sportsmanship. He also wishes he had a cat and a hippo. In other words, a COMPLETE babe!!
Did you see Lorne? what a Babe!
by Squidoo101 December 22, 2011
a short lil fagget tat dosent get any and tat copies sayings off of b.e.t. to try too act like hes in the hood. his job is a hobo or stands on the corner of hobo lane and give BJ's for $5.
whos tat kid tat lives in the tat cardboard box. oh it's just lorne.
by Reaper Mack March 11, 2004
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