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Don't get The Miramichi and Miramichi city confused. Miramichi City is formerly know as Newcastle, Chatham, Douglastown, etc. The Miramichi is the communities bordering the Miramichi River, like Boisetown, Doaktown and Blackville. It's an area. So if ya run into some lads that ask ya "How she goin" don't forget to say "The very best". And next time you meet someone that says they're from the Mirmichi they don't mean Miramichi City.
Miramichi City is just like the arsehole of the Miramichi, everything we throw in "The Miramichi" dumps into Miramichi City.
by TBAS February 16, 2007
Where the men are men and so are the women.
Ya know them lads that claim they drink a quart of jack every night? .. Well their wives actually do.

by jaiwnn August 08, 2012
A very nice comfortable city split in too buy the Miramichi River, famous for its extremely good salmon fishing. It's main purpose is to form a barrier to protect the east part of Miramichi (Chatham) from west side Miramichi's(New Castle) bad oder and poor driving skills. That is untill some mayor got high and order construction of the centennial bridge. Miramichi contains a few high schools MVHS and JMH being the most popular MVHS is located in New Castle and has a pool, and everybody "pops their collar". JMH is located in Chatham making it a more sufficient place to get an education. It has a theater, a track. and decent sports teams and teachers. The best part about JMH is everybody wears collar down like normal people.......and they can drive.
I cant wait to move to Chatham Miramichi
by riverside hero January 20, 2008
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